Firefox for mobile – tracking progress

by Irina Sandu

Below are highlights of the work performed last week in Firefox for mobile on our way to releasing native-UI Firefox for mobile. Not all of the features below will make it into the first release, some are being prepared for the consequent updates. We are currently at 64 blockers for the native-UI beta and 62 for the final release.

  • We have made improvements to the experience of importing a profile into Firefox. The new design adds more explanation on what is happening and confirms to the user that profile migration is taking place – bug 729532

  • We are discussing the behavior for playing plugins. The intention is to have Tap to Play, but we are not yet set on settings for the feature, such as “Always for this page” or “Never for this Page” – bug 736278
  • At the Firefox Developer Tools work week that happened in London last week we discussed about enabling remote debugging for Firefox for mobile.
  • We are beginning work on the tablet version that corresponds to the native-UI Firefox on phones. The UX team has created the first drafts for adapting the new design that we have to larger screen sizes.

  • We are making changes to the Crash Reporter to make it cleaner and more consistent with the rest of the Android UI. Having the browser crash is unpleasant, so the role of the Crash Reporter is to help the user find her way back to where she was in no time – bug 736599

  • The bug to have an experimental ARMv6 build of Firefox has been declared FIXED. \o/ Next step is to start producing Nightly builds for testing on a variety of ARMv6 devices. They will not be ready for mainstream users, but they are a step in the right direction – bug 723946
  • The patch to use https by default when searching with Google has been included in Firefox 14, which is now in the Nightly channel, both for mobile and desktop – bug 633772

Further reading: Chris Lord wrote an overview of the state of the Firefox mobile platform.