Firefox for mobile – tracking progress

by Irina Sandu

The reset for the native-UI Fennec has put the mobile team on a fast-paced development effort to rebuild front-end functionality for Firefox for mobile. This new version is scheduled to go to beta and then final release pretty soon. For this special release we have went away from the train model of regular Firefox releases and went to a system where we have release criteria and functionality for the product.  These are represented in Bugzilla by release blocker bugs. Here are some highlights of progress made in the last week in Firefox for mobile – for the native UI release and beyond.

There were 68 blocking bugs for native-UI Firefox and 43 for the beta release at the time of publication.

  • We added the Bookmark Link feature to the context menu in the native UI version. – bug 728782


  • We made progress on ARMv6 support. Major crash bugs have been fixed and now we have an experimental build with basic functionality. So far tested on the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy III and Galaxy Gio. If you have an ARMv6 Android you can help us test. There is a thread on on this topic. This is not a blocker for the release. – bug 697205
  •  We are making progress on getting the viewport handling working properly for the maple build. Patch number 16 has been filed and counting. This is a beta blocker. – bug 732564
  •  The feature to view and open tabs from other computers has been added to the native version, to match the capability of the XUL-version. – bug 708266

  • We now have somebody assigned to make sure that when the user taps into a field the browser zooms in the area. This is a blocker for the final release. – bug 725018
  • Aurora and nightly users now get a notification that they can switch off the Telemetry function. The function is on by default for Aurora and Nightly, and off for the stable release. –  bug 725987
  • We have been making progress towards the merge of the maple build to mozilla-central. 5 blockers to go. – bug 725095
  •  When pressing the system Back button in a popup window the window now closes. – bug 731610
  • Pressing the system Back button when in a menu reverts Firefox to the tab that was viewed previously, instead of exiting the browser. – bug 699052
  •  Zooming is now disabled when a video is in fullscreen mode. – bug 702907
  •  Going Back when on a web page now returns the user to the same scroll point where she was. – bug 708795
  • When a user taps on an empty input filed, a popup will appear with previously entered content in that field, to minimize keyboard usage. – bug 711177
  •  Notifications inside the browser now have the ability to feature links in their text. – bug 725990