Android and mobile browsing insights – Week 30

Every week I am posting an update on what’s been happening in the mobile (browsing) world.

Summary for this week:

  • The beta tablet version of the Dolphin browser, Dolphin for Pad, was released in the Android Market.
  • Opera anounced a partnership with an Indian mobile game developer and released the June edition of its State of the Mobile Web reports.
  • The Android Market introduced multiple APK support for a single product, allowing for better device targeting.
  • Android accounted for 30% of tablet devices sold in Q2 2011, with iOS having a 61% share.
  • 28% of all mobile phones sold this year will be smartphones, with Nokia being dethroned in Q2 as the top selling smartphone OEM, in favour of Apple or Samsung (final results to become available this week)
  • The first device to feature the WP7 Mango update to be the Toshiba Fujitsu IS12T, to be released in Japan in September this year


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After announcing it several months ago, Mobotap released the tablet version of the Dolphin browser, in beta, in the Android Market. The browser is called Dolphin for Pad and among the main optimizations are displaying the open tab list on the top of the screen, inclusion of “Back”, “Forward” and “Bookmarks” buttons next to the location bar and updated behaviour of the right and left-side menus, which now don’t pan the web page along as they open and snap back into place if the user taps somewhere else. The content of the side menus has also changed, to bookmarks on the left and open windows list on the right.

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