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Month: April, 2011

10 facts on mobile in Japan



  • SMS is quasi non-existent, email is being used instead.
  • When getting a subscription, an email address comes with it
  • Phone decoration is very common.
  • ~75% of the population owns a mobile phone
  • Japanese phones are designed at a hardware and software level to work with only a particular network.
  • NTT DoCoMo is the predominant mobile phone operator. Its name comes from “do communications over the mobile network
  • au by KDDI and SoftBank (formely Vodafone Japan) are the other major mobile operators
  • Osaifu-Keitai is the de facto standard mobile payment system
  • The Mobile FeliCa (Felicity Card) is used for electronic money, authentication, loyalty card, fare collection of public transits or as a credit card.
  • The first commercial launch of a mobile-specific browser-based web service was in 1999 in Japan when i-mode was launched by NTT DoCoMo.

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More than just a browser – part 2


This is the continuation of my blog post on Firefox for mobile. Read about what features give it a unique browsing experience and identity. Read part 1 first.


One of the things which makes Firefox on the desktop a top browser are the add-ons. You can get them on Android, too. Inside Firefox for mobile, in the Settings menu, as well as on the Start Page are start points on finding and installing mobile-optimized add-ons. We are currently working with add-on developers on having lots of useful mobile add-ons.


Personas integrate with Firefox’s minimalist interface to bring a bit of colour – or less – to the browser’s theme. They are not integrated into the browser, but can be installed as an add-on. You can choose among over 250 000 different Personas or you can create your own. For consistency, you can have the same colour scheme on your Firefox on the desktop or on mobile or adapt them differently according to your OS or background design. 


The Awesome Screen is the mobile equivalent of the desktop Awesome Bar. We’ve made it easier to go to a page with finger-optimized menus and an easy one-tap choice of the search engine, for when you want to search. Typing should be minimized if you are using Firefox Sync and access to your open tabs from your other devices is also there.



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