Optimize your app submission for the Android Market

by Irina Sandu

There are several factors that are being taken into account when displaying search results for apps in the Android Market. Let’s look at a few of them and what you can do to get your app up there. There are things you can do when you submit your app to the Android Market and some you will adjust on the way.


When you setup your app in the Android Market

  • Frequency of keywords: choose 3-5 keywords that define your application and make them the most often used in the app description. The number depends on the size of the text. There is no reason to rush and use the whole 4000 characters allowed. Few people will take the time to read it all. Make it to the point, precise, comprehensive.
  • Competitors’ positioning: to make sure your app will be up in the results list for your keywords, do a search and look at the apps in the top positions. How many times do they mention the terms? Do the average and try to be in the same ballpark or slightly higher. Don’t over-do it, you’ll drive the users crazy.
  • Keywords positioning: as for webpages, words in the title count more than ones in the description. Make sure 2-3 of your keywords are present in the title/name of the app.
  • Make sure you choose the approapriate category. Once your app gets successful, being among the first ones in the right category is another way to get new users.

As you are going:

  • Ratings: needless to say that high star ratings will help, as long as you got your keywords right
  • Comments: try to constantly get ratings and comments. Having users who have recently downloaded and rated your app improves your standing.